Minecraft Server info


Effective 2/16/2018

n5mbm.net:25566  <--- NON STANDARD PORT of 25566!!!

Our Minecraft server runs on a Dell Optiplex 760 with 8GB RAM, 240GB HD space and a Gigabit LAN connection running Windows 7 Professional.  Our Internet connection is capable of 32 Mbps courtesy of our "Texas Broadband Business Class  Connection".  Our Minecraft server is actually dedicated to serving audio streams from several radios to the internet but when it isn't doing that, it is a Minecraft server open to anyone who wants to play the game.  We intend to MOD this server space to give users a unique gaming experience.

A word of warning to our Minecraft users - the server is shared with other applications and is NOT dedicated to Minecraft.  At 2am it checks for OS updates.  At 3am it runs a virus scan.  At 4am it updates virus definitions and other software.  Simply said, it MAY become unresponsive and unuseable between 2am and 5am local time 7 days a week. It may also become slow and lag a lot when the server is doing its MAIN intended function - to serve up audio streams to the Internet from our radio scanners. (See above server links!)

Also, this server (and all our servers) run a SETI@Home screen saver 24/7/365 that takes our idle computer time and processes data for S.E.T.I. - the "Search for Extra Terrastrial Intelligence".  We are proud to say we have participated in this project since the 1990's and have donated thousands of otherwise idle computer hours to the world wide project.

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